Return, Refund, & Cancellation Policy

Cancellations and Refunds

For all Cafesti coffee machines, we offer a 7 days return and full refund option from the date of delivery (minus the cost of consumed coffee beans). If you are not fully satisfied, follow the link here to arrange a call to discuss options with your Cafesti Concierge. Please note that all original packaging and accessories must be included with the return.

 To be eligible for a refund, a returned Cafesti machine must be lightly used. A lightly used machine is an item that has been removed from its box and used as intended by Cafesti for a short period of time. All items, components, manuals, and packing materials must be returned to their original packaging. The unit must be clean and dry upon pick up with no functional or cosmetic damage. Any unit that requires extensive cleaning may be refused, or may incur a cleaning fee deduction.

Once all criteria are checked, the appropriate refund will be processed with the original method of Payment. 

If  you decide to cancel the subscription after seven days from the date of delivery of the machine, there would be no refund of prior payments and the coffee machine must be returned in good condition to avoid additional fees.

Please note that Coffee beans and coffee bean subscriptions are excluded from the return and refund policy. For coffee bean subscriptions, if you are not satisfied, you may cancel your subscription to avoid recurrent payments.

Refund of Lease Deposit 

For leasing contracts, the security deposit charged at checkout will be  refunded at the end of the lease period. The deposit may be withheld under the following circumstances:

  • Parts of the machine are broken and require repair or replacement
  • Machine compromised due to not being used in accordance with the instruction manual or the  recommendations of our service team

Your coffee satisfaction is our aim and priority!